What We Do

We transcribe in classrooms, businesses, and anywhere conversations take place. As we transcribe, the text is streamed wirelessly to a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. We also provide video captioning, live webinar captioning, and accessibility consulting services. We customize each service to fit our client’s diverse needs, as we understand that no two projects are the same.

We use TypeWell, a system for rapidly transcribing speech to text. We are fully equipped to provide remote TypeWell transcription to the D/deaf, hard of hearing, students with autism, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, or anyone else benefiting from speech-to-text services across the nation. We can also fulfill onsite needs in any state with advance notice. We provide all of the equipment and technical support necessary at no extra charge.

For a visual on how TypeWell works, please view this 2.5 minute video.

Randi Hecht

About Our Founder

As owner and operator, Randi leads Intellitext’s large team and manages operations. With a career in communication access spanning nearly a decade, Randi’s passion and enthusiasm create Intellitext’s culture of excellence. Randi is also an experienced and qualified TypeWell transcriber, allowing her to meet last minute requests when other transcribers are unavailable.


We work extensively with universities and colleges across the nation.
We provide our services in many college and university classrooms, businesses, hospitals, law firms, private practices, special events, conventions, and webinars across the nation. We were featured in the 
Las Vegas Review Journal and the Las Vegas Business Press.

Randi Hecht, owner of Intellitext, was awarded the 2016 Nevada Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Small Business Administration. Randi presented at the national 2013 TypeWell conference on automation and scripting techniques for professional transcribers and at the 2016 TECHWell conference on the needs, benefits, and challenges of remote transcription. For more information and for the IP-switching batch files we created, see TypeWell’s conference page or our blog post.

TypeWell services are compliant with ADA, IDEA, FERPA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and HIPAA. In the IDEA 2004 revision, Congress specifically named TypeWell as a transcription service that meets the definition of interpreting services, and should be considered as an effective tool to meet the communication access needs of students with disabilities [Section 300.34(c)(4)]. View TypeWell’s page for more information on laws related to transcription services.

All of our real-time transcribers are qualified TypeWell Transcribers and are educated in Deaf culture. Intellitext has received a certification of completion from pepnet2 in a class titled Post-production or Offline Captioning.

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